Medicated Soap

Based in Gujarat, Satyam Healthcare is a renowned Supplier of Medicated Soap. We supply the Medicated Soap for kids, men and women. Our Medicated Soaps are gentle on skin property.


  • Smoothens skin
  • Remove impurities
  • Mild to use


  • Antiscabies soap,
  • Anti acne soap
  • Anti infective & anti bacterial soap
  • Soap for psoriasis (coaltar soap)
  • Soap for dry skin
  • Soap for fairness n dull skin to make skin elegance n beautyful,
  • Soap for dark spots.
  • Anti ageing soaps,(cosmetically highly premium quality zemea soap)


Style Medicated Soap
Packaging Type Square Small Box
Features Anti Scabies, Anti Acne, Anti Fungles, Moisturizer, Whitening, Glycerin Soap
Product Name Zokit Soap, Zelo Soap, Ziclosan Soap, Perbenz Soap, Gloras-z Soap, Zi-scab Soap
Packaging Size 75 gms